This site covers my writing – the Richard Nottingham novels set in Leeds in the 1730s, my Laura Benton books which take place in Seattle, as well as my new Victorian series, and other one-off novels and non-fiction.
The audiobook of The Broken Token was named as one of the Audiobooks of the Year for 2012 by The Independent on Sunday.

Gods of Gold, the first in my new Victorian series featuring Tom Harper, set in Leeds in 1890 against the backdrop of the Gas Strike, was published in the UK in August 2014. It will appear in the US in December. Dark Briggate Blues, a Leeds-based 1950s noir, now out, and the second Tom Harper book, Two Bronze Pennies, will follow in April 2015.

Don’t forget West Seattle Blues, the second of my Laura Benton novels, available as ebook and audiobook.

I blog on the website regularly, plenty of stories and Leeds history. Do take a look. Leeds is a bloody great place, and I love it.