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In my books, I kill people They’ve been dying in Leeds since 1730. They stopped in 1957.

“The writing, perfectly paced, paints pictures of a polluted industrial Leeds” – Morning Star.

I’ve moved continents twice. I survived America for 30 years. I interviewed musicians for a living. I played in a band – a few of them, in fact.

I’ve been mugged at knife-point, then chased the robber down an alley. Then my brain kicked in and I stopped.

I’ve published a bunch of non-fiction (seriously, not worth your time except for one book), a ton of journalism.

And, well, quite a few novels. Most of them are set in Leeds. 26 so for.

“I’d love to see these books attract a larger audience – I can easily see them being adapted for television.” best-selling author Joanne Harris.

I’ve been involved with putting on an exhibition celebrating the Victorian women in Leeds who worked for the vote.


I’ve had a play with a live jazz quintet commissioned by Leeds Jazz Fest.

I became the very first writer-in-residence for Abbey House Museum here in Leeds.

All because I started writing about this place that’s in my DNA.

I bloody love this city.

“Historical mysteries don’t get much better than this.” – Publishers Weekly