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“I’d love to see these books attract a larger audience – I can easily seem them being adapted for television.” best-selling author Joanne Harris.

“The writing, perfectly paced, paints pictures of a polluted industrial Leeds” – Morning Star.

I write Leeds.

I make Leeds mythic.

I kill people here. In my books they’ve been dying since 1730. They stopped in 1957.

This spring, I’m celebrating 10 years of publishing books set in Leeds. My 22nd Leeds novel, The Molten City (the eighth in the Tom Harper series) is coming out, and my very first book, The Broken Token, which went out of print and has only been available as an ebook or audiobook for years, is going to be published again in paperback



Yes, 10 years…both hard to believe and a big celebration. I’m amazed, not just at the books, but the things that have happened because of them. My involvement in The Vote Before The Vote exhibition in 2018. A play with a live quintet commisisoned by Leeds Jzz Festival. and more, much more.

And now I’ve become the very first writer-in-residence for Abbey House Museum here in Leeds. It’s a huge, huge honour, the icing on the anniversary cake.

So many things I’d never expected. And it’s all come about because more than a decade ago I began writing about my hometown, the place I love.

Life’s funny, isn’t it?