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“I’d love to see these books attract a larger audience – I can easily seem them being adapted for television.” best-selling author Joanne Harris.

“The writing, perfectly paced, paints pictures of a polluted industrial Leeds” – Morning Star.

I write Leeds.

The place is my home, my passion, and I try to show its different faces, from the 1730s in the Richard Nottingham series, the 1820s with Simon Westow the thief-taker, and the 1890s with Tom Harper. Leeds and its people fascinate me.
Come along, come and visit. But I’ll warn you, it can be deadly at times…
Meanwhile, here’s a bit about the other books already out there…




Dark Briggate Blues and its sequel, The New Eastgate Swing, look at Leeds in the 1950s through the eyes of enquiry agent Dan Markham. Modern Crimes is the fictional tale of Leeds’ first policewoman, Lottie Armstrong, who discovers that initiative often doesn’t sit well with her male colleagues, and The Year of the Gun picks up her life 20 years later. The Dead On Leave starts off with the Battle of Holbeck Moor in 1936, and takes a policeman deep into the heart of British fascism. The Crooked Spire , The Saltergate Psalter , and The Holywell Dead have very different settings – Chesterfield in the 1360s. Leeds, The Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories,, published by local Armley Press, is my first non-crime book.

Don’t forget Emerald City and West Seattle Blues,  my Laura Benton novels, available as ebooks and audiobooks.

I blog on the website regularly, plenty of stories and Leeds history. Do take a look. Leeds is a bloody great place, and I love it.