A Dark Steel Death

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Leeds. December 1916. Deputy Chief Constable Tom Harper is called out in the middle of the night when a huge explosion rips through a munitions factory supplying war materials, leaving death and destruction in its wake. A month later, matches and paper to start a fire are found in an army clothing depot. It’s a chilling discovery: there’s a saboteur running loose on the streets of Leeds.

As so many give their lives in the trenches, Harper and his men are working harder than ever – and their investigation takes a dark twist with two shootings, at the local steelworks and a hospital. With his back against the wall and the war effort at stake, Harper can’t afford to fail. But can he catch the traitor intent on bringing terror to Leeds?

Well, this is the way to start, a starred review from US trade publication Publishers Weekly, which saus the book “reinforces his place in the front rank of historical mystery authors.” Yes, I’ll gladly take that. You can read the entire thing here (and I hope you will!).

Kirkus Reviews says the book is a “gritty police procedural with well-drawn characters.”