The New Eastgate Swing

12510745_10153292555801787_1509743569_oLeeds, 1957: When enquiry agent Dan Markham and his new partner, retired Detective Sergeant Baker, take on a missing persons case, a simple matter turns into a murder investigation when a body is recovered from the River Aire.

Nothing is what it seems. The dead man is an East German. A defector or spy?  Following a string of mysterious deaths the investigation takes a deadly turn as the pair try to track down a ruthless Russian assassin and Markham finds himself dragged into the heart of a Cold War — in Leeds.



From Mystery Scene:

“Nickson’s familiarity with his home city, whatever the era, has become his hallmark…the characters come to life from the outset…[he] knows how to craft a good plot, with plenty of twists and questions in search of answers.”

From Culture Vultures:

“…clever fusion of history with fiction…that raw realism that makes Chris such a great story teller is present.”