Emerald City

Emerald City_finalSeattle, 1988. When musician Craig Adler dies of a heroin overdose, music journalist Laura Benton wonders if there’s a story behind the death. After all, his band, Snakeblood, was set to be the first of the new Seattle bands to sign a major record deal. And everyone said he’d been clean for months. As Laura digs, the threats start. She’s onto something, but she doesn’t know quite what it is, or the danger it will bring her into…

The Independent on Sunday has a lovely review of the audiobook of Emerald City:

“The other unbeatable reader is the great Lorelei King. As the feisty Laura Benton, she is the heroine of Emerald City (Creative Content, audio download £16.99), the first of a promising series of mystery thrillers. A music journalist in 1988 Seattle, Laura decides to investigate the apparent suicide of a successful rock star. As she digs ever deeper, Laura’s own life becomes increasingly under threat.”