The Saltergate Psalter

6485 Saltergate Psalter

‘Chris Nickson works his usual magic, populating late medieval Chesterfield with characters that are clearly of their time and yet jump off the page, vibrant and familiar. The icing on the cake (or the jeweled cover on the exquisite psalter) – a fiendishly clever puzzle. Highly recommended!’

Candace Robb, author of the best-selling Owen Archer mysteries

1361: John the Carpenter, married and soon to become a father, has plenty of work to keep him busy in Chesterfield. But when an elderly man in the town is found murdered with no clue as to why, the coroner calls upon John’s mystery-solving expertise once again.

But this is a crime where nothing is as it appears. When the suspected murderer is found dead and a valuable book of Psalms vanishes, John is suddenly embroiled in a string of crimes that threaten his own life and the safety of his new family.

This lovely review from the Historical Novel Society: “The Saltergate Psalter is an engaging medieval mystery and a sequel to Chris Nickson’s excellent The Crooked Spire…I walked amongst Chesterfield’s inhabitants as a fly on the town walls thanks to meticulously researched town and family life details, all flawlessly integrated into the plot – whether it is John’s house with its buttery and garden, or his purchase of a new pair of boots. If you enjoy reading well-written, page-turning historical thrillers, this one is for you.”

And Publishers Weekly: “Sympathetic characters, a puzzling mystery, and plausible historical detail distinguish British author Nickson’s second novel featuring John the Carpenter (after 2014’s The Crooked Spire), set in Chesterfield, England, in 1361.”