Leeds Stories On Film

The wonderful people at Made in Leeds TV asked me to read some of the stories from Leeds, The Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories. The original plan was to record them at appropriate locations around Leeds, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate.

In the end, that was our good fortune as we ended up filming at the Leeds Library, a wonderful place with a history that goes back to 1768, and has been in the same location since 1808. We recorded in the ‘New Room,’ which dates from 1880, and looks splendid.

We taped me reading four stories. These are three of them. If you want to waste a few minutes – enjoy! And if you feel inclined to buy a copy of the book….thank you.

A Tale, A Tale, A Tale From Leeds’ Past

This coming Saturday, June 6, I’ll be unveiling my short story collection Leeds, The Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories as part of Leeds Big Bookend Festival (see the events page for details). There will be a few copies – just a very few – for sale, as the book isn’t officially published until July. These few will be a limited edition, uncorrected proofs, mostly due to incompetence on my part – but that’s another story.

To whet your appetite, slip on the headphones, look like you’re working and have a listen to a story about the end of Leeds City Football Club in 1919. you don’t know what happened? Even more reason to listen, then…