An Author On Your Radio

This coming Tuesday, February 18, I’ll be on BBC Radio Leeds between 2-3 pm UK time.

Thanks to the recommendation of my friend Mick McCann, I’ll be a guest on the One to One programme with Nick Ahad, rabbiting on about writing novels and music journalism (I think), and playing a few favourite and odd tracks, everything from the Mekons to the Walkabouts, Thomas Tallis to Thelonious Monk.

I believe you can listen online from anywhere in the world. Just follow this link. It should also be available on BBC iPlayer for seven days afterwards. And do let me know if I make a complete arse of myself. Again.

4 thoughts on “An Author On Your Radio

  1. From 95-2000. Then I was on All Things Considered on NPR until 2008 doing occasional music reviews, so I had plenty of opportunity to be an arse on the radio. And they still haven’t learned… 😉

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