That Skin Like Silver Launch

It happened. After months of stressing about it, the launch for Skin Like Silver happened. And do you know what? It exceeded all my expectations.

Of course, being in the New Room (which dates from 1880) at the Leeds Library guarantees a wonderful venue, and the staff are always a joy to work with.

Would people even come? On the night there were plenty, filling almost all the chairs in the place. One worry to cross off the list.

And how would the time travel go? I needn’t have worried. Thanks to a marvellous actress, Carolyn Eden, Annabelle Harper truly came alive. You can tell from this clip. The picture quality might be poor, but watch her gestures, listen to her voice. She is completely Annabelle, as if she’d just walked off the page.

Those who attended were in great form, asking good questions and I tried to field them as best I could, to be the ringmaster while the audience (hopefully) had a good time.

And you bought books. My my, you bought books. Thank you. And thank you all who came, as well as those who couldn’t make it. I appreciate every one of you.

Before anyone else turned up, Made in Leeds TV was there, filming Annabelle, talking to myself and Carolyn. Once I have the clip I’ll post that.

Right now there’s still an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post to go, a book signing in Harrogate tomorrow, and a phone conversation with Radio Leeds. As well as revisions on a new book.

And you thought we spent the days in coffee shops and the nights in bars, didn’t you?

One thought on “That Skin Like Silver Launch

  1. Lee

    Well done Chris the atmosphere was brilliant got lost in the past for a short time away from the worrys of life an healthy escapism from the world outside…

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