Thank You

As 2016 – a spectacularly awful year in some many ways – clops off into the distance with a jingle of seasonal bells, it’s a time to reflect on big things and small (such as why does my hair and stubble grow faster in winter, and why do I eat more in cold weather).

But it’s also a time to thank people. Friends I’ve made, most of them online, but some whom I’ve met in the flesh, a very few of them more than once. The support and warmth is welcome, and hopefully reciprocated.

My publishers, all of whom are incredibly supportive and keep putting out these odd little books I write and publicising them. I’m grateful, more than you can imagine. You give me the chance to do the thing I’ve wanted since I was a teenager – write for a living. And to the booksellers and librarians who keep books on the shelves (okay, I also wanted to be a rock star, but I think we can all admit that ship has long since sailed. Writing is good).

Thanks to all those who come to the events I do. I often wonder whether anyone will show up, so it’s a relief when I see heads out there. Even more so when they’re attached to bodies.

Those I’ve worked with in libraries, festivals, on plays. Thank you for your belief.

To my partner, of course, who’s used to me rising at 4.30 in the morning, and who gamely reads the completed books before they head off to my agent and publisher, and gives comments and love.

And finally, thank you to those who read, whether you buy books or borrow them from a library. My work, of course, where I’m especially thankful. But all authors. Without you we’re just tossing pages into the vacuum.

May 2017 be kind to you all.

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Diana MacIntosh

    Thank you for well written books. You don’t pad the books out. Just the right length.I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and don’t want long winded books. Looking forward to the next book. They are well received in Nottingham.

    1. Thank you, Diana. I’ve always tried never to use 100 words where 10 will work as well or even better. I’m truly sorry to hear about your diagnosis and I hope you’ll beat the cancer. The next book, in fact, was sparked by hearing from three different friends who’d all been diagnosed with cancer in the space of two weeks. A year on and all are doing well, so my wish is that you will, too.

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