Of Podcasts And Old Leeds And Going To Farsley

This week, I’m afraid, I have a few links for you, along with a promise of an upcoming excerpt from The Blood Covenant, which comes out at the end of December. That will be next week.

But the links, well, there’s a lot of meat there. A little while ago the Leeds Library, Britain’s oldest subscription library, founded in 1768, interviewed me. It covers music, music journalism, researching history and Leeds in general. Very wide-ranging, and I bare all. Well, maybe. And you can find it right here.

As many of you may know, I love Leeds. Yeah, it’s not really a secret, is it? A couple of people say I bleed Leeds, or that if you open me up, it’s written through me, like a stick of Blackpool rock. A website posed me the interesting question, to name my five favourite books on old Leeds. It took plenty of thought, but I did come up with them. It’s right here, with my brief explanations.

Next week, November 4th, I’ll be appearing at the Constitutional in Farsley with the lovely Frances Brody, in an event put on by an excellent new indie bookshop, Truman Books. If you can, I hope you’ll come. Read about it here.

Finally, since I’m all links today, this is the cheapest place to pre-order The Blood Covenant (or Brass Lives), with free UK postage. And for the Kindle, click here.

4 thoughts on “Of Podcasts And Old Leeds And Going To Farsley

  1. Pete Cluderay

    Thanks as always Chris. In particular I loved the 5 books link. I have been researching the Leeds cemeteries for a year or so, concentrating on Holbeck and Wortley because that’s where the Cluds lived and died. (68 of them in Holbeck, including two Guinea Graves). Your post reminded me to look up Beckett Street and I found 13 more including 7 children. I am now about to order Sylvia Barnard’s book, and hope to visit Beckett St next Saturday. Good luck with the new book.

  2. 68! That’s a huge amount. And now more at Beckett Street. I really do recommend Sylvia’s book. Not just great research, but it tells stories, it’s wonderfully readable. Great cemetery to visit, too. I hope you can locate them all. And thank you.

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