Skin Like Silver…Is Apparently Out

Skin Like Silver might not officially be published for a week yet, but the advance review copies are out and it looks as if quite a few places already have it on sale.


So what are you waiting for?

Seriously, though, I’m astonished and pleased by the positive response so far.

“Chris Nickson does a fantastic job in mixing fact with fiction, creating a vivid image of what life was like in Leeds during the nineteenth century. It was easy to imagine the stark contrast between the privileged Carr family and the unfortunates dwelling in the crowded back streets.
The ending sets up the next installment nicely; definitely worthy of a five-star rating!”

“I love the period detail as well as the historical facts that the crime aspects of these stories are intertwine with. This 3rd Victorian Police Procedural is an extremely fine work and I heartily recommend it to all who appreciate historical mysteries.”

“Give yourself the treat of reading this novel and entering Harper’s world. Then, if you enjoy yourself—and I’m sure you will—give yourself the added treat of seeking out a copy of Two Bronze Pennies as well.”

Words like those are the kind of thing any author wants to hear when they send their baby out into the world. I’m proud of all my published work, but this, to me, has something more. It’s the most complete book I’ve ever written, in some ways as much Annabelle as Tom, and the Leeds of 1891. Real people like Tom Maguire and Isabella Ford, both of whom would soon be involved in the founding of the Independent Labour Party, are between the pages here. I hope the Leeds of the book is a place the reader can see and smell and hear.

I’m biased, of course I am. But if you want to read it and leave a review – an honest one, be it good or bad – I’d be very grateful.

If you’re anywhere close to Leeds on Thursday, December 3, please do come to the launch for the book. It’s free, at the Leeds Library on Commercial St. There will be entertainment, wine, more on the book – and you’ll travel back in time while you’re there. Promise.


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