2015 Round Up And Thanks

So here were are, staggering to the end of the year, with thoughts is holidays cheering/wearying (delete as desired). It’s been a big year for me, and believe me, I have no plans to try and top it in quantity next year. But quality…well, I’ll try.

I’m grateful to many people – both individuals and institutions – who’ve helped out. But ultimately, thanks to you, the readers. If you don’t ready the books I’m just yelling into the void. Whether you buy them or borrow them from the library, I’m grateful to all of you for taking the time to read what I write.

I popped into Waterstone’s in Leeds yesterday and found this:


It certainly made my heart beat faster to see my new book up there with the heavy hitters. Even more when I was told they’d sold out of the copies they had me sign after last Thursday’s launch. So, of course, I signed a few more for them. They also said – and I find it hard to believe – that I’m the biggest-selling crime author in the Leeds branch. Truth or lie, it’s lovely to hear.

I now have a clip of the interview Made in Leeds TV did before the Skin Like Silver launch. An interview with me, one with Carolyn Eden, who played Annabelle Harper, and a little of her performance. Enjoy.

Finally, I wish all of you a wonderful end to 2015, and a happy, peaceful, healthy New Year.



2 thoughts on “2015 Round Up And Thanks

  1. Lee catton

    Fantastic Chris I love reading your books and I have learned a lot about from your writing of Leeds history which has inspired me to research more about the history of Leeds truly grateful.

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