2 thoughts on “The Molten City, Trailer Number One

  1. Peter Cluderay

    Chris, l look forward to The Molten City , but by coincidence yesterday I came across a 4 year old trailer for Skin Like Silver, a book I have not read, but now am desperate to do so, as are my brother and sister. Our grandpop, Charles Cluderay, originally of Holbeck and Beeston, would keep us kids spellbound with stories, one of which was of the heroic Fireman Schofield and the Dark Arches fire. Even today, though we are in our 60s and 70s, any incidental reference to firefighters or the Dark Arches is followed by knowing looks and “Fireman Schofield “.
    My grandpop’s own grandfather, also Charles, was Clerk to the Board of Guardians of Holbeck Workhouse in the 1850s and 60s, having previously been a fairly prominent local Chartist in the 1840s. Feel free to use him if you want!

    1. That’s quite a story, Peter! Schofield does get a passing mention in the book – if I remember correctly, he’s commemorated with a memoral in St. George’s field. Interesting, Holbeck workshouse has a small role in The Leaden Heart. And tonight i’m going to talk on Leeds Other Peper of the 80s by a friend who’s done a lot of research into the Chartists and the radical press here at that time. A very small world indeed….

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