The Molten City Is Free – For Now

I know it’s very difficult for people to get hold of The Molten City at the moment. The big online retailers show it as temporarily out of stock – they have no new books, because their distributors have closed for the moment. Many smaller book shops are closed, one still doing mail order are dependent upon their distributors remaining open. It’s difficult. I’d recomment Fox Lane Books (foxlanebooks), which has the book, or Big Green Books (@biggreenbooks) or West End Lane Books (@welbooks) in London.

However, you can read it as an book now, for free, no matter where in the world you live. It’s due to come out that way on May 1, but get a jump and pay nothing. All perfectly legal, too. Simply sign up for their newsletter and you’ll be able to download it. A great deal, because they publish plenty of excellent authors.

All you have to do is go here. It’s only for a limited time, so I hope you’ll take advantage.

The only favour I’d ask is that you please leave a review somewhere. They honestly do help.

Thank you, and please, I hope you all stay well.

Molten City

2 thoughts on “The Molten City Is Free – For Now

  1. Kate Gray

    Hi Chris,

    Can’t download the book. Get so far as about to download and they tell me my log in and password are incorrect. Will order on kindle instead.

    Kate Gray


  2. Hi Kate, I did it myself, and you need to register for NetGalley, it seems. If you follow the links you can do that (which gives the chance to get plenty of books to possibly review. After that, I can back to the Severn House Verify Me! email, did it again, then it took me through to the download link, and I got that without a problem I hope that helps – I hate to see you spend money when it’s not necessary (yes, I really am a Yorkshireman).

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