The Return Of The Broken Token


10 years

Next spring marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of my first novel, The Broken Token (I’m pretty certain that the launch took place on May 10 – in Leeds, of course). I’d certainly never imagined all the things that have happened since, and all the book that have come out. At that time, I was working on the second in the series.

My small publisher sold out to a larger independent publisher later that year, and they understandably didn’t want the back catalogue, so physical copies of the book quickly vanished.

Thanks to Creative Content, it’s been available ever since as an ebook and an award-winning audiobook, named one of the Independent on Sunday’s 10 Best Audiobooks of 2012.

And now, to make the tenth anniversary, it’s coming back into print as a paperback. Creative Content approached me, and I’m very happy to continue our partnership. It’ll be a trade paperback, priced at £9.99, and should be available from February. Richard Nottingham will be back!

However, I do still have one mint copy of the original paperback, which I’ll be giving away in a contest next spring. That’s real collector’s value. I’m serious; someone on Amazon is offering a new copy for £161. You’ll need to stay turned to find out all the details.

Meanwhile, here’s the cover of the new paperback:


A Christmas Book Guide

It never hurts to have a handy book guide, does it, especially with Christmas drawing closer and all those presents to buy.

So…I thought it best to put all of mine in order for you. You never know, you might have missed one along the way.

Okay, this is done in a light-hearted manner. I hope you will buy family/friends/yourself books for Christmas. I’ll be especially happy if one of two of them are mine. But whoever penned them, books make great gifts, and reading is one of the most wonderful things you can do.

Please, enjoy yourself and remember, you can collect the whole set.


Richard Nottingham Books

Historical crime set in Leeds in the 1730s, and featuring Richard Nottingham, the Constable of the town (and that was the constable’s name at the time).

The Broken Token – long out of print, still available as ebook and audiobook. I do have two used                            paperback copies for £3 each, plus postage.

Cold Cruel Winter

The Constant Lovers

Come the Fear

At the Dying of the Year

Fair and Tender Ladies

All of these are available as ebooks, some still in print as hardback, and Fair and Tender Ladies can also be bought as a trade paperback.

Tom Harper Books

Crime novels, Victorian Leeds, with a touch of politics and Detective Inspector Harper’s forthright wife, Annabelle, the landlady of the Victoria public house in Sheepscar.

Gods of Gold

Two Bronze Pennies

Skin Like Silver

All available in hardback and ebook (Skin only in hardback at present). Gods of Gold is also available in trade paperback.

John the Carpenter

Chesterfield in the 1360s. Intrigue, murder, and a carpenter who’s more use to the coroner as an investigator than working with wood.

The Crooked Spire

The Saltergate Psalter

Both available in paperback and ebook

Dan Markham

Enquiry agent Dan Markham finds himself out of his depth in 1950s Leeds noir. Death with a jazz soundtrack.

Dark Briggate Blues

Available in paperback and ebook.

Laura Benton

Seattle music journalist whose passions end up taking her down some dark, unexpected paths. And yes, I was a music journalist in Seattle for several years.

Emerald City

West Seattle Blues

Both available on ebook and audiobook. No print editions.

Leeds, The Biography

Not quite history, this is the road less travelled, the history of the place told in short stories that take place between 300 AD and 1963. My first non-crime book.

Leeds, The Biography: A History of Leeds in Short Stories

Available in paperback and ebook.