The Tin God Launch – The Film

I know many of you don’t live in Leeds, so there was no chance of you attending the full launch of The Tin God on Saturday. And for some who do live here, well, it was a hot, sunny weekend, a Bank Holiday; there were other commitments.

I asked a young filmmaker who’s won awards for her work to document the event.

She came up with an absolutely wonderful piece of work, and I’m grateful.


There’s also a full report on the event that you can read right here, and it’s an absolute cracker!

4 thoughts on “The Tin God Launch – The Film

  1. J Quinn

    Hi Chris,

    Charming video.

    Thoroughly enjoyed evening at library. Delighted you invited me. It was the highlight of my time in Leeds. It is a vibrant culturally rich city.

    Almost finished Tin God – love the characters and all the references to Leeds having become familiar with it. My cousins were quite surprised with their autographed copies.

    I hope sales are brisk.

    Thanks for making my time in Leeds so memorable.

    Cheers, JoAnn Quinn

    1. Hi JoAnn, it was lovely to meet you, and so glad you liked the opening on the exhibition – shame you couldn’t be there for the book launch, but oh well. With luck, your cousins will enjoy the book!

      I’m pleased you enjoyed Leeds – come back anytime!


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