Free For You…

These are awful times, and we all feel powerless. There’s very little I can do as a writer, but…I can read the openings of my books and post them on Yu Tube, one or two of them a week. Maybe it’ll be a couple of minutes of stress-free time for you.

Here’s the first.


And from tomorrow, March 22, until Thursday (the maximum they allow), the Richard Nottingham short story Convalescene is free to download from Amazon. Find it here.

I know it’s not much, but perhaps I can take your mind of the world for a short time.

4 thoughts on “Free For You…

  1. Pete Cluderay

    Thank you Chris. Music can also be a help as you of course will know. Sandy Denny is singing to me at this moment.

  2. Chris Nickson

    Sandy, such a wonderful vice – I was lucky enough to see her with Fotheringay. If you like her, and don’t know them, try Anne Briggs and Shirley Collins, both glorious folksingers…

  3. Pete Cluderay

    Yes I know Sandy was very much encouraged by Anne Briggs in the early years. I saw Fairport for the first time just after Sandy left, but was also lucky enough to see her with Fotheringhay. At Leeds Poly I seem to recall.

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